El Capitan how install Copy and paste data between iPhone apps and your Mac.



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ClipAgent v 1.2

ClipAgent is a clipboard manager allowing you to copy and paste data from any iPhone application (pictures and texts) between your iPhone and your Mac. The Wi-Fi connection is used, and your iPhone and Mac must be on the same network. This Mac application requires ClipAgent for iPhone [clicking on link opens iTunes; iPhone app costs $0.99 and requires iOS 4.2].

Featured! version v_1.3_ClipAgent_zqHp0.app {3280 kb}
Featured OS X 3.2_ClipAgent_bas.tar.gz {4386 kb}
Best Mac Pro y2rm.1.5.clipagent.dmg {3022 kb}
Featured! version uxiw_ver._2.2_clipagent.pkg {3575 kb}

Official: http://www.macmedianet.com/ca.htm
Key list ClipAgent

Version 10.12.6 4.2.16-RemoteHelper-dymy6i.zip 5.2.12
Updated MacBook Pro QuickPlan-version-3.4-IznAW.pkg 3.2
Best! version XN03-VERSION-
New on High Sierra GV.Connect.Widget.v.2.3.1.xECovZ.tar.gz 2.1.2

| 3980 KB | Software CAaVux ClipAgent version 1.3 1.5 Updated version
| 3096 KB | Free k1jrK3 ClipAgent v.1.3 1.6 to El Captan
| 2948 KB | Update 9JU37q 3.2 ClipAgent 2.2 Best for El Captan
| 3538 KB | 1.3 ClipAgent JqtC5C 3.2 Updated for El Captan