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workhorse version 2.0.2

Workhorse automates tedious file transfer and deletion tasks. Just tell it when or how often you want it to run, fill in the details, and let it do it's job! Do you know Applescript? Use Workhorse to run your scripts at a given time or interval. Here are a few key features: - All new interface! - Run tasks based on time or interval - Filter your task by name, type, or date - Folder mirroring - Process tasks manually or automatically - Applescript scheduling!

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for El Captan
Updated version version-2.0.3-Workhorse-pfp.tar.gz
10.12 4S4V_3.0.2_Workhorse.tar.gz


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{368 kbytes} App WORKHORSE VERSION 2.0.4 AAFSWH 2.3.2 to iMac
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{280 kbytes} Get 031z vers 2.2.2 Workhorse 2.0.6 New! version
{327 kbytes} Get J5M V.3.0.2 WORKHORSE 2.0.6 on OS X
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{365 kbytes} Free VER 2.0.4 WORKHORSE X9D3N 2.1.2 Version MacOS